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MoI 3d

New: V4 underwent a major rewrite from V3 to get to a cross platform code base. 64-bit builds for both Windows and Mac. Native Mac build, compatible with new operating systems.

Multi-core processing for opening CAD files - Loading objects from 3DM, STEP, IGES, and SAT files will now use multiple CPU cores for processing objects being loaded resulting in a major speed increase.

Display engine updated to make use of modern GPUs with lots of VRAM - display data is now cached in the GPU's VRAM which results in faster redraw speed for large files.

Polygon Sub-d surface to NURBS conversion method, available on the side pane under SubD > Create > From file. This allows you to open an .obj file that contains a sub-d control polygon cage and have it converted to a high quality NURBS object in MoI. This enables a hybrid workflow where you can make a base surface for an object in a sub-d modeling program and then bring it into MoI to continue working on it with CAD tools.


Product Details:

  • Product: MoI 3d V4

  • Developer: Michael Gibson
  • Perpetual License

  • OS: Windows & Mac


Commercial License

Upgrade £79 +VAT

Moi3d License £199 +VAT

Educational License
- Educational ID Required

Upgrade £30 +VAT

Moi3d License £59 +VAT


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