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Educational & Commercial Licenses
Authorised Rhino Training & Sales
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Terms and Conditions

Region of sales territory
Cadwax are authorised resellers of software within the designated region of the United Kingdom.

If you are based outside of the United Kingdom please purchase via your own regional sales office.

Before purchasing software we encourage you to trial the demo version available - contact
keith@cadwax.com for more information.

Payment via bank transfer
Account Name: K. Reffell
Sort Code 08-93-00
Account # 83299838


We aim to email your license key within 1 hour of purchase - during office hours (Monday to Sunday 8am - 8pm).

We are trading just under the UK VAT threshold and are not registered for VAT - all prices quoted are total.

Note: If you have ordered an "Educational License" please provide proof of your academic status - see below.

● A photo of your Student ID card (with date) and a copy of your enrolment letter.
● Your current class schedule dated for the current school term
● Your tuition bill dated for the current school term

Faculty / Staff
● Your current course schedule dated for the current school term
● Faculty/staff pay stub from the current school term

Any government accredited school can order single user educational licenses or lab licenses on a school purchase order or procurement card.

Upgrading Licenses
License upgrades can only be applied to previous version numbers - if you are unsure please contact us before purchase.

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