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Is an open source Rhino WIP project which allows Rhino and Grasshopper to run inside other 64-bit Windows applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, etc.

Rhino Inside

What is Rhino.Inside.Revit
● Rhino.Inside is a new technology developed by Robert McNeel & Associates that allows embedding Rhino WIP into other applications.

● Rhino.Inside is being embedded into many applications from a wide variety of disciplines.

● Rhino.Inside.Revit is an addon for Autodesk Revit® that allows Rhino WIP to be loaded into the memory of Revit.

● Rhino.Inside.Revit brings the power of Rhino WIP and Grasshopper to the Autodesk Revit® environment.

Rhino Compute ™
An accessible geometry calculator

Rhino Compute

Access Rhino and Grasshopper through a stateless REST API on Windows Servers. Cloud computing featuring software .

Use Compute to enhance any online solution you are developing to create and manipulate two and three-dimensional curves, surfaces, and solids. Install and customize Compute to run on any cloud services framework.

Compute can be used to:

● Calculate Grasshopper definitions online in a serial or parallel solutions.

● Manipulate Rhino (3DM) and other file types anywhere on the net.

● Call to over 2400+ geometric operations on custom objects from within existing processes online. Including points, curves, surfaces, meshes and solids.

Rhino SubD Vision
● Rhino SubD objects are high-precision spline surfaces. They can have creases, sharp or smooth corners, and holes.

● The Rhino SubD object is designed to quickly model and edit complex organic shapes.

● Unlike traditional mesh-based SubD implementations, Rhino SubD objects are NOT a subdivided mesh object.

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