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MoI 3d has a powerful CAD toolset and advanced boolean functions enabling rapid creation of mechanical and organic parts. MoI's clean user interface makes modeling a real pleasure. MoI is also known for creating crisp N-Gon polygon meshes ready for export.

● 3dm import / export.

● Multiple CPU cores used in the draw engine.

● Network command with new options for making lighter surfaces.

● Blend command - multiple edges can now be selected on either side of the blend, and there are also new options for adding sync points and for making a planar sections blend.

● Improved surface quality for closed fillets, blends, and sweep for smooth closed surfaces.

●Multitouch view navigation, use multitouch gestures (pinch or drag fingers) to do zoom/pan/rotate view manipulations.


Moi3d V4
Commercial Upgrade License

Win & Mac

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Moi3d V4
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Moi3d V4
Educational Upgrade License

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Moi3d V4
Educational Single License

Win & Mac

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